Share Economy Group Limited (previously Vitop Bioenergy Group Limited), established in 1992, is an international high-tech enterprise focusing on high growth products and services. The company was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in Hong Kong in 2002 and upgraded to the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003 (Stock code 1178). The principal activity of the Share Economy Group SEG is investment holding. The Group seeks investment opportunities from time to time in different industries that can enhance the corporate development and broaden the company’s income base.

    Our company aims to

    • Improve Lives | Helping people to improve health and providing opportunities to improve lives
    • Improve Communities | Encouraging sharing through renting and interacting with communities
    • Improve the Environment | Enabling sustainable consumption, minimize wastage and maximize resources

    The Group has two main lines of businesses:

    Health Care – this line focuses on bioenergy products (bedding products, underclothing and body protection accessories containing the BIOenergy compound), manufacturing and trading of multifunctional water generators, food and other healthcare products and property rental. All of these activities take place in the People’s Republic of China. The company has also established a joint venture in New Zealand to secure a stable source of Manuka honey for exporting to China.

    ECrent - On 12 August 2016, the company announced the completion of the acquisition of ECrent (Hong Kong) Limited. ECrent is an online rental platform, founded on the basis of sharing economy and aims to promote environmental protection at a global level. ECrent would like to lead a revolution on resumption pattern of modern people and to promote rent before you buy it. Since its establishment, the global platform of ECrent Worldwide has expanded coverage to over 40 countries with over 250 million pageviews and more than 30 million visitors monthly. The Group also effectively acquired a 0.34% interest in the United States operation of ECrent.


    Cheung Kwan11.24% City Winner Holding Limited9.12% *City Winner Holdings Limited is beneficially owned by Ms Cheung Kwan *As at 31 December 2015 * Shares were issued to ECrent Holdings Limited as part of the acquisition of ECrent (Hong Kong) Limited on 12 August 2016 representing approximately 9.91% of the enlarged issued share capital.